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Maintenance guidelines

Adhere to the following guidelines to maintain your device’s accuracy, prolong its longevity and preserve its warranty:
  • When in storage, keep the lid of your XperCount off of the bucket to prevent humidity accumulation.

  • Do not leave the device in environments with high humidity or extreme temperatures for an extended period of time.

  • Always charge the XperCount with a grounded wall outlet.

  • Do not expose the device to strong light such as direct sunlight for an extended period
    of time, as display characteristics may be changed.

  • Always turn off the display when the device is not in use. This helps avoid a screen “burn- in”, which results in a permanent discoloration of the display. Avoid setting the “Sleep” function of your XperCount tablet to anything longer than its default setting of 2 minutes

The XperCount’s user interface is built on top of the Android operating system. For this reason, it remains possible for users to install other mobile applications from the Google Play Store or elsewhere onto the device. XpertSea is not responsible for any malfunctions or decreases in performance that result from third-party applications being installed after purchase. Please exercise caution when downloading other applications and keep them to a strict minimum. Never install applications outside the Google Play store.
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