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Operating guidelines

The XperCount is a high-tech precision sampling device that is best used under certain conditions and operating guidelines. By consistently adhering to the following best practices when using your XperCount, you are ensuring that your device produces the most accurate and reliable measurements possible.

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  • Operate the XperCount in a shaded environment for best results. This helps avoid any external light penetration.

  • Make sure the screen is free of water and your hands are not wet when using the XperCount.

  • Do not attempt to operate the lid of your XperCount over any other container than the bucket provided by XpertSea with a matching serial number.

  • When in use, always ensure the lid is correctly situated on the bucket.

Camera, sensor and light source

  • Ensure the underside of the lid is clear of all debris. If dirty, only use a soft, lint-free cloth with extreme care to avoid damaging the lenses.

  • Do not touch the camera or sensor lenses. Fingerprints or stains on the lenses can result in poor image quality and negatively affect accuracy.

  • Always place the bucket on a level surface prior to using a counting application.

  • Do not move the bucket when a count or measurement is being performed.


  • Only use water (fresh or salt) that is as clean and clear of any debris as possible for all measurements. Excessive turbidity in the water can cause error in your results.
  • Always use the correct amount of water as indicated by the counting application.

  • Always allow water contents to settle prior to performing a count. Excessive motion in the water can negatively affect accuracy.

  • Use the water level indicators to determine the correct amount of water to add for each program. If no indicator is available for the requested volume, it is recommended to use a scientific beaker or measuring cup.


  • Strain your organisms thoroughly so as to not add any extra water to the bucket.

  • Respect the minimum and maximum numbers of organisms that you can add to the XperCount. Add or remove organisms as prompted by the counting application.

  • Once the organisms have been placed into the bucket, disperse them gently to avoid clumping.


Illustrated PDF download

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