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Most counting applications follow the same simple process (live feed apps differ slightly). Below is a quick summary of the 3 main steps required when performing a count.

1. Tare

The XperCount ensures accurate measurements by assessing the water prior to counting. The TARE function measures the light absorbed by the water. Only clean water should be in the bucket during the TARE process.

2. Analysis

Once the TARE is complete, the user is prompted to add a certain number of organisms for the analysis count. The ANALYSIS function calculates the average size of the organisms and evaluates their physical characteristics.

3. Count

The COUNT function counts the total number of organisms. All data collected will be saved and can be viewed safely on your XpertSea account after a session is completed and the XperCount has reconnected to Wi-Fi. The COUNT feature will display the total number result, as well as the minimum and maximum numbers of organisms that can be counted.

The minimum and maximum numbers represent the range of organisms that the XperCount can count with optimal accuracy. These numbers are based on organism size, so they will change depending on the type of organism and its growth stage. If your count total isn’t within the displayed min-max range, you should add or remove organisms and recount until your total is within the required range to ensure optimal accuracy.


At the end of every counting session, you will be prompted to input certain information to help you organize your data. After saving your results, an aggregated summary of what was counted during the session will be provided. This number only includes counting data. Sizing and imaging data is saved in the background and can be viewed from your XpertSea account after it has been transferred via a wireless network connection.

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